Monday, June 1, 2009

live oak haiku

in mississippi
lying down and looking up
this is what you see


chimerastone said...

Never tried writing a haiku. I say that I'm not much of poetry but end but with verses to add on my atcs.
Some words connect together to form a picture or a dance.

Found your blog via etsy and popped in to say hello. May I can give haiku a try.

Brandon said...

I love that shot!!


chimerastone said...

Thanks for commenting my page.
I'll be sending those atcs very soon as the deadlin is 12th. Been ages since I last made any atcs.
If I do get to do anything for creative I become depressed and highly irritable. Art is one of few things which are relaxing.

Kylie B said...

Beautiful photos!

Hampton House said...

What a lovely statement of your life!

Dirt. said...

ah, gotta love a crisp mississippi mid-morning! great shot.

PamperingBeki said...

That is so pretty!