Friday, May 23, 2008

orange you glad...

For my third etsy-items feature, I'm using yet another color-themed treasury that should have been on the etsy front page. :) Bright orange is not typically a favorite of mine, but I love this grouping (and it matches the logo!)

Arguably the most unusual item from the list is this clock made out of Tupperware(!) and aptly named, "Leftovers, Again." The creativity of etsians is limitless, it seems--who would have thought to make a clock out of tupperware?! Well, apparently, Eric of IMOTIME. And Tupperware is just the beginning! Eric's shop is full of clocks made of everyday items including but not limited to a lawnmower wheel, a circular saw blade, an exit sign, a frying pan, and a license plate. Fabulous. If you haven't checked out his shop yet, well (sorry, I can't resist), it's about time. :)

Like this clock, many of the most fascinating etsy finds are functional objects made out of other functional (but no longer used) objects. Re-purposed, I believe, is the proper word. I've come across several etsy sellers, for instance, who make journals out of old books, and I can't get enough. I love books and I love journals, so what could be better than a journal made out of a book? One example is this adorable Green Eggs and Ham journal made by Jacob of bookjournals (appropriate name, huh?) Check out his shop for many more--he uses a wide variety of books!

No treasury would be complete without at least one photograph, and I adore this one by Kate (aka chicalookate.) It's humorous and playful, and yet there's a lot of room for thoughtful interpretation of the message. For example, when I first saw it, I thought the detour was to Easy Street, which made the photo seem like a vacation, as in quit whatever you're doing and come take it easy for a while. But then it occurred to me that it could be just the opposite: maybe the sign itself is on Easy Street, but there's a detour ahead. In this case, the photo may be serving as a warning, a wise old sage, speaking from experience when telling us that if everything seems to be going exactly right... things are about to change. Watch out. Who knew a simple road sign could be so full of philosophical possibilities? Not all of chicalookate's photos make my over-analytical head spin quite like this one, but they are all truly lovely. And there are lots of them, so head on over to her shop to explore the rest. :)

Here's a list of the the other fantastic sellers whose orange items appeared in this treasury: hrsmithjones, dazeychic, michellechristina, KimsCustomCaps, KrillaGlass, project8256, LeastLikely2Breed, accesori, annacote. Orange you glad you know about these amazing artists and crafters? ;)


Chicalookate said...

Sorry to make you think so much! If it makes you feel better I have had the same internal debate about the photo. I loved this treasury and you were robbed when it didn't make the front page!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

That is a really fun treasury!